I am so done with this fandom right now. Rape jokes are not “harmless sexual comedy.” Rape jokes are taking a horrific and traumatizing crime (depending on the circumstances, I honestly see rape as worse than murder) and turns it into something to be laughed at and meant to entertain others. Rape is not fucking entertaining. It is not a joke, and the fact that these people honestly believe that it is harmless is scary. 

This poor girl (who is a victim herself) is literally being sent rape threats and pictures of her OC being raped by APMs rabid fans just for pointing out how wrong and twisted the blogs humor is. 

This is beyond disgusting. I’ve never been so fucking angry at any of my fandoms before, and I honestly never would have guessed it would come from the children’s show about adorable, colorful ponies. It’s just fucking mental. 

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    I really do like MLP and some of the fan creations, but Molestia is just… no. It’s the rape related stuff why I left the...
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    Really? It is surprising grown men obsessed with a children’s show have disturbing tendencies?
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    wow these bronies are pathetic as fuck…completely disgusting….fucking dammit..
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    You r right
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    Now she’s being harassed in real life. This is honestly difficult for me to even process.
  18. yggrson said: she should know this is 4chan… you can’t take these “people” srs. but if you do you will go down with their shit!
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